How Do I Get Started?

1.Register for an account below (unique to Village Trade)

2. Enter Your Items & Snap a Photo

3. Wait for a Sale

4. Print Your Tags

5. Drop Off What Sells

IT’S THAT SIMPLE!  (See video below for instructions)


Email us @ if you would love to Help with the Sale.  Keep a higher percentage of your sales by becoming part of the team that makes the MAGIC HAPPEN!!

Here are some ways you could help:

  • Advertising (signs, flyers, social media, your own idea?)
  • Remote Pick Up or Drop Off of items
  • Sorting and Organization of the sold items 
  • Help during pick up & inspection. 
  • Any other ways you can think of, PITCH IT TO US!
Is Consigning Really Worth It?

-Does not require sifting through vague messages from strangers who may or may not follow through with a purchase

-No more meetup “no shows” or driving around to meet strangers somewhere in town

-No need to give people your home address!

-Consigning with Village Trade has a higher payout than brick & mortar consignment stores and much higher than resale websites. Consignors keep 70% commission on all sales (minus a $10 registration fee)

-You set the price!

-No need to haggle with people at your early-morning weekend yard sale

What Types of Items are Accepted?
  • Clothing – all types for all ages/genders. (This means everyone! All ages – teens, adults, kids).Seasonally Appropriate Items sell best IN SEASON (but you are allowed to try and sell anything anytime)
  • Shoes all sizes – women’s, men’s & children’s 
  • Outdoor Gear (camping, watersports, sports equipment, etc.)- HOT SELLERS!
  • Holday Decor, Costumes, etc
  • Home Goods
  • Furniture & Storage
  • Accessories 
  • Toys, Games, Books & Educational Materials
  • Small Working Electronics
  • New in-Box “re-giftables”
  • Yard, Garden, Small Tools
What Items are Prohibited?

*If an item you are looking to sell is not listed, please email us and we will address case-by-case.*

  • Used medical equipment that cannot be sterilized
  • Pornography
  • Items that require a permit to own
  • Ammunition
  • Food Products
  • Opened products containing liquids/gels
  • Items that have been recalled for safety reasons (please check)
  • Cribs that do not comply with new CPSC Guidelines (manufactured after June 28, 2011, or they must have a certificate of compliance from manufacturer)
  • Car Seats which have been in an accident or are more than four years old (please check the manufacture date on the sticker at the bottom of the seat) unless they specifically have an expiration date labeled on the seat and it is greater than 2 years away from date you drop the seat off at the event
What is the Quality Standard?

We want the online sale to do well, and shoppers will not return if they receive an item that is not up to our quality standards. Because the shoppers are not able to view items in person, please be VERY CAREFUL about the quality of your items.


**Only input your BEST items.**

Any items that are found to have undisclosed issues: stain/damaged/recall/not working, or not dropped off will be charged a fee ($3 or 30% of the full tag price, whichever is greater) per item. So if we find a stain on a $5 item, you will not get the sale, and you will be charged $3.

The Online Sale accepts items that are good quality, clean and in style. UNLESS disclosed on the tag or photo collage: Absolutely no stains, no holes, no pills, no defects or clothes that smell of smoke, must or moth balls. Thoroughly check seat area, underarms, elbows, cuffs, knees & collars. Gear and Toys must be in usable condition, with good batteries & all pieces. Household goods should be free of damage and in working order. Be sure to check for Recalls!

How Do I Price Items?

Online items: recommended $3 minimum. We recommend pricing 1/3 of retail. Items that are new with tags can be 1/2 of retail. We highly recommend selecting “Discount” for all items.   MORE ITEMS SELL ON DISCOUNT DAY than all other days combined!    As you input items, the software will ask if you would like to donate the item if it does not sell.  For an online sale, be sure to select “No”.

How Do I Take the Pictures?

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Take vertically (up & down) – use your phone!
  • Make sure your phone is set to Jpeg, not HEIC or live. Go to phone settings: Camera: Formats: Most Compatible.
  • Have a clean background: Light wall or solid floor.  No clutter, animals or people in background.
  • Use good lighting to show your item.  Bring in a lamp or snap pictures near a door/window.  Be careful of shadows.
  • Multiple pictures can be taken, but MUST be submitted as ONE PHOTO. Use a photo collage app to show more than one photo of your item (there are lots of FREE apps out there).  We like “INCOLLAGE” in the app store. Use Text on your collage to give extra info, include special features, pictures of the TAG, front, back, different angles. The Shopify site allows shoppers to ZOOM in. 
  • If you have an item that has a sale price of $20 or more, you may use the form below to send us additional photos/videos or description to help you sell the item. 
  • Use a ruler for size reference. This will help the shopper understand scale.
  • If items are in ziplocks, un-package to take the photo, then pack them back.
  • Pro tip: Hang your items on a nail on the wall to best display.
How Do I Input Items?

If you have ever consigned with Wee Trade before, enter the items as usual.  You will add a photo to complete the listing.  Items should have a $3 minimum. 

It is very important that you include the brand, CORRECT size, color and specific description on each item (ie “Columbia Green and Grey medium weight rain jacket.). Be sure to include all accessories or outfit pieces in the description.

-Use BRAND NAMES & PRODUCT TYPE in your descriptions to help with search and UP YOUR SALES! 

CHOOSE THE CORRECT CATEGORY WHEN YOU ARE INPUTTING THE ITEM- That is where it will appear in the store.

-Character space in our tagging system is limited.  USE OUR ABBREVIATIONS to give more description.  If you need us to add more abbreviations to the list, message us!

-You will see the option to donate; be sure to select “No.” There’s nothing to donate since you are only dropping off the sold items. If an item is dropped off that does not match the tag description (wrong item or wrong size, etc), the buyer will be reimbursed the purchase price and the Consignor will be charged an admin fee ($3 or 30% of the full tag price, whichever is greater) per item. The buyer will keep the item, as we cannot hold or keep any refunded items.

There is no Consignor pick up time for the online event.

What Should I Expect at Drop Off?

We will be stationed in EAST ASHEVILLE but will provide remote locations in Fletcher, Weaverville & Candler.

 Bring in Your Items and we will count to make sure you have everything! 

We will do the rest!

Make sure we verify your contact information so we can send your earnings via e-check to you at the end of the sale.

Your item tags indicate the BUYER.  We will organize your items based on buyer and before they leave with your items, they will have a chance to inspect them.

How to Print Tags for an Online sale


Keep in mind that if you sell something during the online sale and fail to bring it to drop-off, we will refund the price of the item to the buyer and charge you a fee or equal to 30% of the sale price of the item or $3, whichever is greater. Not only is it a pain, but you will make someone VERY SAD!