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Charitable Village

Grateful Village, LLC is the parent company of Wee Trade & Village Trade Carolinas. Through our events and partnerships we are not only providing a safe marketplace to make extra income for our sellers and a huge inventory of affordable goods for our shoppers; but we are also making a monumental impact by focusing on direct community donations.  Through this focus we make the “Village” that is, each of us and our environment, stronger and more sustainable.

Community Partners

We are actively seeking LOCAL community nonprofit organizations who work directly within Western NC and can channel our consignors donated items freely to those who need them most.  If your organization would benefit from items donated at the sale, please contact us @ gratefulvillagellc@gmail.com.  We would love to have your donation receipts available during Drop Off & Pick Up.  We can hold your donations until Saturday AM and arrange with your organization to collect them.  

Giving Back & Paying Forward

While you are finding and preparing items to sell online for Village Trade, there will be items that don’t quite meet quality standards for the sale, but are still perfectly good items.  Please consider bringing those items, and any unsold items that you would like to the DROP OFF days on November 5th & 6th.  The Charitable Village Program is actively seeking partnerships to be available for you to donate directly and receive a tax receipt if needed.  We may also be listing specific needs that our partners have that would be accepted on donation day. 


REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED ONLY if items are found to be damaged/stained when you pick up your items.

We recommend you check your items at our Inspection Stations prior to signing for them taking them home. 

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