Want a simple way to turn clutter into cash? 

Is it time to purge and trade in for a fresh new look for your closet, home or kids?

DO you feel guilty droppping off your boxes and bags at the corporate thrift trucks, knowing how little will ACTUALLY do GOOD in your community? 

Yard sales are too much work and you don’t want to drive all over town for dozens of individual meet-ups?

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Welcome To Village Trade Carolinas

We are growing a community that is committed to keeping our “stuff” in circulation longer through resale and local direct donations to the people and organizations that need it most. By participating as a seller or shopping a sale you are DOING your part to help others and the planet AND helping out your personal bottom line.

Charitable Village

We have a dream of connecting our greater village in a way that meets as many needs as we can through resale, direct donations, fundraising opportunities and shared gifts and talents. People want to help though donations and supporting the community but often getting things to the right place where they are needed most isn’t as convenient as the local corporate thrift truck or dumpster.
We want to make it easy to PURGE with PURPOSE!

We Are a Village of Passionate Deal Seekers with a Desire to Do Good, Look Good & Live a Good Story!

Sell it all in One Place.

Selling is SIMPLE! Register, Snap a photo, Describe your item and sit back while Village Trade does the rest! You set the price!

Shop Online from Anywhere.

Amazing deals on name brands and all the of the basics.  Clothes, housewares, outdoor gear, tools, furniture…you never know what treasure you will find!

Be Part of the Village.

Does your non-profit or school accept donations of any kind, even monetary?  If so, sign up to partner with us. We are a huge and grateful village looking for ways to give back LOCALLY.


  1. What is Village Trade?

– A LOCAL online marketplace EVENT. You set the price, no haggling, take a photo, use our software to list items— and the SALE occurs Online. (Here are some How-to Videos). SELL ANYTHING you would anywhere else online for your house, adults, gear, outdoor, HOLIDAY! With Village Trade, you skip the headache of the “back and forth” with potential buyers of one item at a time and set your prices to sell it all in one week with one central drop-off. Even better, there is no packaging or shipping (save time and the environment) and Keep it Local!

-After you have entered all your inventory into the system, we will upload all of your items into an online Shopify store that is protected by a passcode. You do not need to prep your items – no printing tags (yet).

-When the sale goes LIVE, consignors will receive a passcode via email before the sale opens to SHOP FIRST!

-The sale will have pre-sale and public sale days as well as 2 discount days (sellers get to shop these deals first too!).

-When the online sale ends, we will upload the online sale data back to our MSM software and you will be able to see what has sold. At this point, tags will be generated for sold items ONLY. You will only need to print and tag SOLD items.

-The Drop Off of tagged sold items will be remotely or @ St John’s Episcopal Church in East Asheville.

-Buyers Pick-Up items after we sort them by shopper and check all orders for completion at the drop-off locations.

-You will be prompted to schedule Drop-off (for sellers) & Pick-up Appointments (for shoppers).

  1. Where can you learn more about Village Trade?

On our website: www.villagetradecarolinas.com


JOIN OUR PRIVATE CONSIGNOR GROUP on Facebook where we (as a village) will be able to answer each other’s questions and collaborate with one another to make this an awesome event!

  1. Has this been done before? Does it work?

YES! We have been learning from the experts all over the country in the consignment industry who have had to adapt to life in a pandemic. We had 2 small sales in the Spring and early Summer and had a great response.

We are certain that YOU will find it simple and enjoyable to SHOP from HOME! AND only TAG and Drop off what actually SELLS! No Hangers Needed!!

  1. How many consignors can participate?

We want this sale to succeed! The computer software can handle a MAX of 50,000 items. As we grow we have not yet needed to set limits but will keep you posted if we near that inventory cutoff. You are urged to Sell your BEST! Share the rest of your gently used items with the community through our Charitable Village program by donating what doesn’t sell to one of our on-site partners at Drop off!

  1. Will this take a lot of time?

We offer steps that will streamline the process. Start Small. Once you get the feel for the process, you’ll be hunting the house looking for more items to sell! Don’t procrastinate – the earlier you start, the more items you can enter to cash in on those items you no longer want or need.

  1. More Questions??

Head over to www.villagetradecarolinas.com and check out all the helpful information there and our awesome How-to Videos.

And join our private Village Trade Consignors Facebook Group to ask us any additional questions during our live Q&A sessions!

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Online sales will be Seasonal and dates and locations will vary. Stay informed of when the next sale will be! Sellers shop early with “first dibs” on all of the best deals.